Demand for Karaoke Downloads Increasing

The music industry went through a lot of changes with the popularity of the Internet. Twenty years ago music could only be bought or sold through CDs, tapes or vinyl and the music industry could regulate that far easier than they can regulate the internet. Now that music can be downloaded through websites with P2P software and can be directly traded amongst friends, the industry became worried that their CD sales would go down and the industry would collapse. Nothing of the sort happened, with online music stores such as Rhapsody and iTunes coming to the forefront and ensuring that people had a way of downloading music conveniently, while also staying within Federal Piracy Laws.

Recently, there has been noticeable data that has shown how the demand for karaoke downloads has increased. These downloads are almost as in demand as downloads for regular songs. This shows that people are spending a lot of time having karaoke nights with their friends, or tuning their singing voice by singing along to the karaoke version of a song.

This recent upturn also shows that people want to download the karaoke version of a song more than they want the actual song itself. This is because most songs are readily available on YouTube and can be listened to as often as people want. This means you can listen to an artist’s entire album on YouTube, without having to purchase the MP3. And you do not have to illegally download anything either, as YouTube videos are legal to watch, for as long as they are uploaded on the website. Most people listen to music while they are at home on their PC or laptop. As long as they can run YouTube, or other music video websites, there is no need for them to download MP3s.

Karaoke is something that people typically do in groups, or at parties. In these situations, it is easier to create a karaoke CD than to find a computer that can play YouTube videos at the party. When you are at a party, no one wants to be concerned with finding a computer, making sure there is Internet, and then finding the right karaoke videos to play. It is a lot less time consuming and a lot simpler to burn a CD of legally downloaded karaoke music and then play it on a music player at the party. Also, some karaoke downloads even come in video form, and can be burned onto DVDs. These karaoke videos have the karaoke version of the song with on screen lyrics that help people sing along. These are even more popular at parties, and are another reason for why karaoke downloads are increasing.

People have more reasons to consider downloading karaoke versions of songs, as opposed to full version of the song, because they might provide more utility for their price than regular songs. If you can listen to a song for free as often as you want, why pay to download it? But, karaoke songs and/or videos are required for karaoke events, and that is why they are being downloaded at an ever increasing rate.