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Downloadable iPod Game – What to Consider in Game Membership Sites

Downloadable iPod games are available at a vast number of sites. But the question is which are the ones any person wanting to download a good iPod game should use. They must be easy to use and definitely not cost an arm and a leg for the downloadable iPod games. We will learn something more about download sites for iPod games.

Say you type in ‘downloadable iPod games’ on the internet, the results that are returned would be overwhelming. Most of those may carry advertisements for sites which require a membership fee for you to join to download games as well as music, TV shows, movies and other media files to your iPod. Normally, these sites would also offer you 90 over million types of media files including useful software you would need in order to download iPod music, movies and songs onto your iPod MP3 player. The price of such memberships are somewhere in the range of $50 for a lifetime membership where you get to download unlimited games for iPod as and when you like.

Right now, there are several things you should seriously consider when scouting for a membership site for downloadable iPod games which you may wish to join to download quality games to iPod.

1. Steer clear from those download sites that are free from the onset. You really have no idea of what you are downloading. People have reported that when they go to free game download sites, they get more than just the games. Spyware, viruses and adware followed along to corrupt their computers.

2. Another problem with most totally free downloadable iPod games sites is the slow downloading.

3. Remember to go for a quality site that offers you more than just downloadable iPod games. There are several excellent sites that give you other media files like movies, music, video files as well. Also, they provide you absolutely free software applications and tools to help you to download whatever game you like for your iPod. The trouble with a lot of sites is they do not give you the tools and buying them can be quite expensive. So look for those which offer them free.

4. A site that has a user friendly interface is so easy to use even for those who are not familiar with the computer and internet.

5. iPod games may come in huge file sizes. It is hence important that the sites allow for fast download speeds for downloadable iPod games. Speed is so critical and there are so many sites that are speedsters. As such, never go with the ones that are slow since you have other better alternatives. Don’t waste your time waiting for the game downloading to be complete when you should be playing it instead.

Lastly, one very key factor that should not be missing in any membership site for downloadable iPod games is top-notch customer support. Good download sites would respond within a day, but great ones even reply you during weekends. Be careful of claims of 24/7 technical support as only a few we tested are able to fulfil that. The real professional ones are always ready to answer any query and troubleshoot your problems no matter what time it is.

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Legal Free Music Downloads – Songs You Want at No Cost

It’s all over the news these days. Download music from the Internet and you could be sued, fined, and/or go to jail. The truth is free music downloads, done correctly, are completely legal.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) aggressively prosecutes copyright violators. And well they should – it’s piracy plain and simple. But there are millions of free mp3 downloads legally available. RIAA doesn’t want you to know this and wants you to believe any music downloads you don’t pay for are illegal.

You’ll quickly attract RIAA’s attention by using file-sharing services like Kazaa and Grokster. The technology is not illegal (yet), but using it to share downloadable music is at best a grey area. And make no mistake, RIAA can and will find you!

How do I get Free Downloadable Music without breaking the law?

First understand the difference between restricted and unrestricted copyrights. Nearly all songs have an artist or record label copyright. Many copyrights restrict gratis downloads. But many musicians want to share their music at no charge through free downloads.

Why, you might ask? Some are unknowns looking for exposure, but many famous musicians know it’s in their interest to offer free downloads. It inevitably leads to more CD, concert and merchandise sales. Plus it boosts their image and popularity.

Most music download services offer a free trial period when you can download songs at no cost. Cancel before the trial ends and the songs cost nothing. Of course they hope you’ll stay and pay the monthly membership fee, which in reality is a cheap way to expand your music collection.

Study the membership terms as some sites only allow use of the downloads while you are a member. In addition, a “free music” search will lead to sites – by or for musicians – that offer mp3 downloads for free.

Download Music Online – What To Look For

It is not a problem to download music online nowadays. There is an overwhelming selection of websites offering just about anything, so even if your taste is quite specific chances are you can find what you are looking for. The following information will give you an idea what to look for as well as watch out for when you decide to download music online.

Downloads Differ

First of all, differentiate streaming and downloading. The first variant is when music is played live as long as you are online; in case of downloading you get music files copied to your hard disk, so they can be saved and played offline. Downloads also differ. Some are permanent, meaning that you can burn the songs to a CD or transfer them to a portable player. However, downloads protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) usually last as long as your subscription does. You are also limited in moving and copying your music files.

Clearly, getting full control over your downloaded music files is what you should look for. However, if you are only looking to listen to songs online, streaming is sufficient as many radio stations offer it for free.

Free Stuff Does Not Mean Best

The first thing that many people look for is to download music online for free. However, if you take time to read user reviews, you will realize that people face a lot of problems on these sites. They vary from slow downloading speeds to poor selection and quality of songs to improper functioning of a website to virus attacks and inadequate file content… File sharing is the fastest way to expose the data stored on your computer to other users, so you need to realize that the whole idea of free music downloads is potentially dangerous in many ways.

Needless to say, the majority of free music download sites are downright illegal (though unabashedly claiming the opposite). A good example is the famous Napster, which used to be a P2P kind of website, but had to stop free services under legal pressures. Even Kazaa and some other large music sharing websites don’t seem to function properly according to the latest user reviews given the fact that they also face a lot of copyright challenges.

Payment Plan

Paid websites vary a lot when it comes to payment plans they offer. Subscription is the most common variant, but unfortunately not the cheapest. Pay per download is even more expensive option unless a couple of particular songs are all you need. The alternative to download music online, which is becoming more and more popular, is to purchase a lifetime membership. You can get access to unlimited music downloads and all the necessary technical support for less than $50 in most cases.

Other things to look for when deciding to download music online are: usable format, free trial period and/or samples of music available, free downloading software, clear instructions, and 100% malware protection.

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