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Free Mp3 Tagging – Download the Best Mp3 Tag Editor

Free Mp3 tagging doesn’t have to be a long dreadful process. You can tag Mp3 files for free automatically with an ID3 tag editor.

Unorganized Music Library

Keeping your music properly tagged is the only way to keep the music collection under control and organized. Mp3 sometimes also called Id3 tags are important when sorting songs because it holds all the vital information about the track. Most tags consist of song name, song title, album name, release year, track number, genre, and sometimes even lyrics. With all this information need for complete organization you can see why most libraries are so messy. No one has the time to go through and check or edit all their tags.

The Best Mp3 Tag Editor

Recently free Mp3 tagging software has surfaced all over the internet. While most of the programs help by allowing you to edit multiple tags simultaneously (batch editor), there are actually a couple that can automatically fix Mp3 tags. The software works by scanning your music folders, taking a digital imprint of the songs and cross referencing them with the largest online music database. This technology allows for the correct identification of misspelled songs and song with zero id3 tags information. I’m sure you have a couple songs labeled Track 01 by Unknown Artist.

Here is a list of all the features of the leading free Mp3 tagging software!

  • Fix ID3 tags automatically
  • Delete duplicate iTunes tracks
  • Get album artwork
  • Organize iTunes genres
  • Uses the largest online music database

If your want to tag all your Mp3s correctly while you sleep or watch TV then you need to download software that can edit Mp3 tag automatically.

Downloading Music Online – Stop Wasting Money!

Downloading music online used to be a dream on the coffee table. People even talked and fantasized about the imaginary music jukebox that can play music on order and anyone can just download whatever music they want from an inexhaustible jukebox. Today, downloading music online is a piece of cake. And you have a few options. Anyone can be downloading free or paid music online. Before you get too excited, we shall take a look at both options to download online music and how you can save your money while downloading music online.

Free Music MP3 Downloads

Now, downloading online music can be free but you need to know where to go to. Here are just a few places you can go to on the internet to find free music MP3 downloads. – Indy makes it possible for you to find new independent music. Go ahead and download Indy. It allows you to rate the songs you listen to. What I love about Indy is the artificial intelligence is quick to pick up what kind of music you love and would keep sending you music that you would find enjoyable.

Epitonic – Epitonic gives you a chance to listen and download music online of independent and underground artists in US. They are normally in MP3 or WMA format and generally playable on our computer.

Paid Music MP3 Downloads

Downloading paid music online should not be unfamiliar to you. These are several established places to download music for a fee.

iTunes – iTunes is synonymous with iPod music. You can find a whole range of music genres there. Each music MP3 download costs 99 cents. Downloading is fast and easy and the search function is sophisticated.

Connect – Connect is Sony’s pay-per-track service. It serves many different brands of music from a large network. But the problem is it is not so user-friendly. The music files are in ATRAC3 format, a proprietary audio format which can be recognized and played only on Sony MP3 players.

There are also other online music stores that offer similar downloading services. Each site can vary in the number of music MP3 downloads they have, the music genre, the customer service and so on. These sites allow downloading music online for a membership subscription fee. Most nowadays charge you a one-time fee for unlimited access. For more details on how downloading music online can be done cheaply, check out my music download blog.

Zune Music Downloads – Your Complete Guide to Downloading

Owning a Zune is great but you probably are wondering how to get those Zune music downloads other than using the marketplace. Free download networks are not the best place to download music for your player simply because there are too many risks involved such as the legality of the songs, poor sound quality as well as computer viruses, adware and spyware.

There are already several online services that provide Zune music downloads for a price cheaper than a family meal at a fast food outlet. A site like this is worth considering if they provide a user-friendly download area where it is easy to find your desired songs. You may want to take note that it is a must that they come complete with simple to follow instructions and manuals teaching you how to download the songs and music.

On top of songs, expect to find a suite of music in different genres in the paid services. Those outstanding ones also provide the tutorials on how to rip and burn the movies, music and videos on CDs, VCDs, and DVDs so that you also can enjoy them outside of your MP3 player.

When it first started, their library only had songs in them. But times have changed as the industry gets more competition. Nowadays, you would also find movies, videos, TV shows, games and other media content such as audio books as well.

Some sites provide the software needed to download the songs for free as well as CD burning programs. Others charge you a fee for their software so be mindful of this. All in all, it is better to select a service that gives you all the essential software for free.

The good news is, in order to enjoy such benefits, you need not be working long hours to save up $1000s of thousands just to feed your Zune with 1000 music downloads. All it takes is a petty sum of lesser than $50. And you get more than a million songs, movies and TV shows to download at any time you wish.

Look out for the above factors when choosing a site to download music to Zune. Make sure they have them. The last important thing you want to make sure the service you subscribe for has is a top-class customer support. Most would claim they can deliver that high level of service but only a handful few can actually live up to it.

But the sad news is with so many sites offering downloads, it can be really painful going through each one, making comparisons of their pros and cons. If you find it overwhelming, then go over to my music blog and read a thorough review of the top sites for Zune music downloads.