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Unlimited Music Downloads – Cannot Decide Where To Download?

Perform a quick search at the search engines for unlimited music downloads and there is a high chance that you will find millions of results thrown at you. Suddenly, you feel so overwhelmed with the seemingly huge number of choices that you simply do not have any idea of which one to choose to download music online from. Human beings are a funny lot. When we do not have any choice, we lament. But when faced with many alternatives, we are once again stuck in a dilemma. But most people would rather be caught with many choices. This article is written to help you remove this dilemma and decide where you should choose to download music online.

Most of the download sites that you see today that offers free unlimited music downloads are illegal. These are mostly Peer to Peer (P2P) sites that offer totally free online music and they make their money through advertising, either banner or pay-per-click. Some malicious ones even integrate malware into the MP3 downloads so that when you start to download music online from them, you not only get the music but unwittingly are also downloading these adware or spyware which is installed covertly onto your computer. Without any protection, your computer will suffer slow downs in PC processing and surfing speeds. So please, if you are downloading music from them, either you stop doing so or provide some protection to your PC that will stop these malware at its tracks.

There are always other options available that too offer unlimited music downloads such as reputable music stores that offer either pay-per-download or memberships. So you can be paying for each download or subscribing on a monthly, yearly or lifetime basis. Frankly, if you are those who occasionally have the kick to download the latest music, pay per download model is for you. But for heavy music users, my advice is to go for the membership sites which will be much affordable for you in the long run.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of sites where you pay a lifetime membership fee to access unlimited music downloads. It does not cost you more than $50 in most cases to be a member. The music is available for you to download at anytime you wish be it in the day or at 4am. Not only do they provide you with music to download online, you can also download other files like movies, videos, games, software and so on. For that nominal fee, people are getting quite a handful of benefits.

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Ways To Download Music For Zune

Have you just bought a Zune player and are you longing to download some music on to it? And if you simply don’t know where to get a certain kind of music, then this write up will help you learn the whole procedure on where to search for Zune music downloads and how to download music onto your portable player.

Perhaps you know of a number of sites like iTunes, Microsoft’s Zune, Amazon, HMV and many more from where you can download a great variety of files. And for those who care about the price tags these sites can be a real turn off since each song costs from $0.99 to $2. And if you want to build a huge music collection just imagine how much it would cost you?

Another solution to this is go to sites which offer free downloads. Though you can generally download lots of music from these sites, still there is a huge risk involved. The risk of corrupting your computer with various viruses and spywares that come as part and parcel of the music downloads. It is only when your computer starts getting slow that you will realize the extent to which your computer is infected.

If you want to avoid corrupted files then there is one option of transferring files to your player. It is just like as you do with Mp3 players, rip songs from a CD and convert it to a format which is compatible with the Zune player and then synchronize it onto your player. This method is quite safe and simple if you are familiar with music ripping.

The procedure starts when you insert a CD and open a player like Windows Media Player. First you got to select the tracks you want to synchronize onto your player, next click the rip button to change the format if necessary. You would shortly see the tracks appearing in the library of the player. Now connect your player to your computer using a USB cable and then synchronize the player to the Media Player library.

Even if synchronization is not successful, there is nothing to worry. Since the tracks can be manually copied into the player, it is just that you have to take one extra step. While copying tracks onto your player your player will be seen as an additional drive on the computer just as any flash drive. Just be sure to connect the player correctly.

People who use the zune players for the first time don’t usually know that the music formats are very important for these players. They can only support a few formats like Mp3, Mp4, MOV, WMA, WMV and not other formats. Zune players never support formats like DivX, RM, etc.

An additional way to download music for this player is through unlimited paid membership services. This is one ragging choice of music lovers all over the world since they get to build their collection at just a minimal price. And it is not only music that you get but unlimited downloads of songs, movies, videos, games and much more. Downloading can be done at any time of the day and there is no limit to bandwidth consumption.

I think this would be enough information for you to find ways to download music for your Zune player in a secure manner. To look at the unlimited download sites just go through my blog dedicated to music, movies and videos.

How To Install Music On Your PSP

The Sony PSP is not just design for video gaming purposes. It has many functions, among which is downloading music. You can download music on your PSP using a CD or over the internet for latest and wide selection of music.

To download specifically from a CD: Initially open your PC CD disc tray, Place CD in drive on computer and copy to hard drive. Follow the directions for downloading to PSP as you were prompted for.

To install music in your PSP directly from internet sites. Choose an internet site that has been scanned for viruses and make sure the tunes are free or that you pay accordingly. Follow the directions for downloading or installing music in your PSP.

Downloaded music must be converted to a MP3 format; the PSP only supports music in a MP3 format.

Download music from your computer files to your PSP: connect your PSP to your computer by using a USB cord. Press the home button on PSP (it’s a tiny button on the left of the screen). Use the left right directional buttons to find Settings, next use the up and down buttons to find USB connection. Press the X button on the PSP and now you should see where the PSP is connected. Your computer will also state that a new USB connection has been made; it should show you a generic hard drive typically E or F. Click on the drive that corresponds with the PSP. Create a new folder on this drive; name it either PSP or Music, or another name of your choice. Copy desired music to the folder. Once you have completed the download press the O button, this will get you out of the USB connection mode.

Use the left-right arrows to move the music area. Next use the up-down arrows to find “Memory Stick”. Choose the folder by pressing the X button. All of your music should be there.