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Will There Be Music Stores in 5 Years – I Don’t Think So!

This is an intriguing questions that has many arguments. Will there be music stores ten years down the road? Honestly, I haven’t a clue…but I’ll tell you what my hunch is. No. For the simple reason that so much music is now available online, for sale and available for free download. First we have iTunes, which is bundled with every Macintosh that hits the market. Furthermore, it comes bundled with many other software plug-ins and some how sneaks it’s way to the desktops of thousands on both Mac and PC platforms. Once you hit the music store page on iTunes, there virtually is no reason to go to the store.

I don’t see record stores providing a better platform for this kind of ease of use that iTunes has. For one, you can preview song snippets before even purchasing. Secondly, you no longer have to purchase an entire album. You can purchase one song at a time thus saving you money by not purchasing the songs that you aren’t crazy about. But to take that a step even further, the artists make more money when you buy a song at a time rather than a whole album.

Legal Free Music

Do you realize how easy it is to find free legal music online? There are thousands upon thousands of DJ’s publishing their mixes online. All you have to do is simply Google the genre of music that you like and maybe the word “mix” next to it and I can guarantee you that your search will not be long before discovering a nice mix with music you like. Now this method doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to find a specific artist. But if you’re like me, someone who gets excited at new music, these handcrafted DJ mixes are just the type of music I like to find. Not only do I get it for free, but you can normally find expert mixes and if they are short of a tracklisting, you never really know what you are going to get. And I love being surprised.

Other Sources of Online Music

Not only does Itunes provide this service of selling music but I believe that Real Rhapsody will also allow you the same functionality. If you wish to simply listen online, there are literally millions of online radio stations and podcasts that can be found simply by searching for your desired genre + online radio/podcast. Try this in Google. I’m sure that you will be pleased with the results.

Online Jukeboxes

One site that I absolutely love for the sheer randomness and variety is Pandora. This site is genius in the fact that the user keys in an artist or genre and Pandora will automatically play songs within the same genre, or artists that are related some how to the initial entry. With this method I already discovered hundreds of new artists.

A similar site, which gives you the ability to search for desired artists is Imeem. Imeem is a collection of users who upload their music and make it available for everyone to play. Find almost anything except for the most obscure artists at Imeem and listen to your hearts content.

End of Music Stores

So is this really the end of the music store business? I can only think of one strong argument that may keep record stores open. The quality of music that is distributed online doesn’t even match closely the pure sound coming from Vinyl or Tape. Compact CDs have some degradation but still are far better than MP3s. There is something to be said for having the actual album and cover. When I used to get my music solely from the store, I would take pleasure in opening up the CD or tape insert and reading it while listening to the whole album through. Buying music also gives collectors something to savor aside from the music alone. Can this facet of music collecting alone save the business of music stores? The technology nowadays certainly makes the future uncertain.

How to Get Your Hands on the Latest Zune MP3 Downloads

Make the most out of the trendy Zune media player by getting your hands on the latest Zune MP3 downloads. It’s quite easy to get these download files since the net is cluttered with Zune download sites. You can even use your creativity and use MP3 resources other than the internet.

In order for you to manage your Zune MP3 downloads easily, you need to have Zune software. Zune software enables you to manage and import your files to your Zune media player. Zune software also has burning, ripping, and converting capabilities which you will find a lot useful.

Searching online is one of the easiest ways to get a hold of the latest Zune MP3 downloads. One of the best places to go to is Zune Marketplace. This is a websites that asks for a reasonable subscription fee and also uses the Mircrosoft point system. The Zune Marketplace offers unlimited download choices for its members, so why not have a go at it?

Of course, there are other websites that merit a second look, too. Among the websites online that have managed to hedge itself into one of the top spots is Zune Pro. If you want the latest in MP3s, you can get them at Zune Pro. It has a huge database that gets updated regularly so you are sure to stay on top of the music trend.

Z Downloads is also one website that has managed to stay on one of the top spots. This is a great place to get other media files aside from Zune MP3 downloads like movies, games, and cool software. Visit Z Downloads for a hassle-free download.

If you want a website that has a fast download speed, then the best place for you to go is Zune Downloads. This website is said to have the fastest download speed online so you don’t have to wait to get your hands on the latest Zune MP3s.

You don’t have to rely on the internet to get your hands on great MP3s for your Zune media player. If you have Zune software, you can just equip your Zune media player with your favorite audio tracks. First you’ll need to rip them, convert them to a playable Zune format, and transfer them to your Zune player. You can then enjoy listening to your favorite audio tracks all day long.

You can learn more about the greatest websites to go to for the latest Zune MP3 downloads when you visit my blog.

Download MP3 Songs

These days, many music stores offer either a monthly or yearly membership. You will find that some of these stores will allow a limited download mp3 songs and others offer unlimited downloads. Revolutionizing the way music is now downloaded. You now have the option of paying a small one-time fee where you will have the ability to access thousand and thousands of music files. For this one-time fee, you have the privilege to unlimited music downloads.

These free unlimited mp3 songs can be downloaded with the push of a button, anywhere you are and anytime of the day 27/7. and this can be done from anywhere and at any point of time. By doing a quick search, you are able to download, and then listen to all of your favorite artists singing your favorite songs.

No problem finding any song, whether an oldie or the latest hit. Whatever your language, or your age, from an mp3 unlimited downloads website , you will be able to find your song choices. You won’t have to buy the whole cd, because unlimited music downloads gives you the option to download only the songs you want to listen to.

There are numerous download music sites where you can choose from a wide variety of songs and artists. Some of these downloads may not be by the original artist, and depending on the server, and the speed of the internet connection, will determine the speed of the download. Anyone using a broadband connection can of course, expect a quick download.