How to Download Zune Music Safely, Quickly and For Peanuts

MP3 player Zune has made quite a huge impact in recent months in the music industry. The many websites that are established for users to download Zune music is a testimonial of their popularity and demand. Whether it is a site offering free songs or a site that charges for the music, there are so many of them that it can be really challenging figuring out which one you should be using.

Free sites offering users to download Zune music absolutely free are getting a lot of attention. Needless to say, people want songs that they can feed their MP3 player with without spending a single cent. The reality is – do such free lunches really exist or it is just a myth. If they are that good, then people must be foolish enough to pay for their songs at the music stores.

Assuming you have done some research on your own, you would quickly understand that while it is free to download Zune music, the overall poor experience as well as the threats you and your computer are exposed to are just not worth the effort. You could even end up letting in some hackers on your private data.

Here’s some basic background information concerning the free sites where you can download Zune music. These run on what we call file sharing systems. You never know what you are getting. At times, you can successful transfer a song of good audio quality without any trailing problems. But on many occasions, you could end up inviting adware, spyware and viruses into your computer unknowingly. And worst still, the files could be corrupted and damage your computer and MP3 player.

Another point of concern is breaching the copyright laws. Since many of the files are shared illegally, you could get yourself into trouble if you are one of those who uploads and downloads many songs. Surely having a brush with the law is the last thought on your mind when all you want is some music for your Zune?

How about a chance to be spared the threats of copyright infringement, viruses and malware? Well, with paid membership sites, anyone can download Zune music without the problems and risks. In case you think it is going to cost you an arm and a leg for such privilege, then you are wrong. In fact, for a flat fee, you can get a lifetime access to huge library of millions of downloads. This definitely beat all competitors offering monthly subscriptions and pay per download hands down. These paid memberships services are well run and provide a user friendly navigation area where you can enjoy all your music in a safe environment.

Even teens can afford the $40 – $50 fee they are charging for anyone to download Zune music. On top of that, they also understand that users would love to also have movies to watch, videos, music videos and games to play on your Zune players. These come together with your membership as an overall package without extra charges.

Do not get overly excited and simply sign up with the first service you come across to download Zune music. Read up more at forums and review blogs for reviews. Why not check out my entertainment blog and read a detailed review of 3 top services in the music industry today?

Growing Your iTunes Music Library – A Guide

iTunes. No question, it’s the worlds best and most widely used music management

The main function of iTunes is to store your entire digital music collection. Some
people have 200 tracks, others have 50,000. But where do people get all their
music? People with bulging MP3 collections surely can’t buy every track they own, so
where do they get them?

In this article, we will go over some of the common, legal ways to obtain music, and
give you that music collection you have always dreamed of!

Your original CDs

Yes, all that money you spent on CDs, all that time you spent collecting them, was
worth it. Import all of your original music CDs into iTunes. This way you have the
original legal copy of the album, and the ability to import at any sound quality.
Original music CDs are still the most popular source of music acquisition.

The Public Library

When did you last go to the library? Chances are, you didn’t know that most libraries
now have hundreds, if not thousands of CDs available for loan. Most are free! You
might want to be careful with copyright infringements though. If you don’t delete
the music from your computer when the CDs are taken back to the library, you
could be in some big trouble with the RIAA.

LP Records

You can buy hardware and software specific for importing all of your old LP records
into iTunes. This is a time-consuming process though, as the music needs to import
in real time.

iTunes Music Store

With over two million tracks available for purchase, the iTMS is your gateway to a
huge music collection. It costs 99c per song, and $9.99 per album. It’s a great way
to purchase music, with loads of exclusive tracks, without leaving the iTunes


Torrenting is illegal, but you can find many unsigned, legal for download albums up
on torrent websites. Torrenting is a fast way to download full albums and discover
new talented artists.

eMusic has thousands of songs available for legal download. They offer 50 free
downloads. After that you pay $9.99 a month for 40 downloads (they have more
expensive packages that lower the cost of each download even more). A pretty
decent price, if you’re interested in the non-mainstream tracks they have to offer.

Amazon has a download section of the site with thousands of tracks from unsigned
and upcoming bands. They also feature cool remixes and mash-ups for download.
Worth a good look at! is the ultimate software and wallpapers on the Internet. Not many
know they also have a great sub-section dedicated to music downloads. These are
all legal and many of the tracks are from actual commercial artists who post
exclusive studio recordings.

But the thing is, these are only the ways to “obtain” your music. Where do you
actually find music that is worth keeping? Here are some ideas:

Listen to the radio. Not any of the stations that play music in the Top 40. Instead,
check retro stations playing songs that didn’t hit the big scene. Sometimes, these
can be the best songs of all.

Another way to find music that might not occur to most people is to find out the
favorite artists of the artists you already listen to. Use the Internet to find bios of the
musicians you like, and find out which bands they enjoy listening to. Chances are, if
you like their music, you’ll like music that they like as well.

Enjoy your new music collection! But before you start, make sure you have the right
reason in mind about music. Music is for personal enjoyment. Not to beat someone
else’s track count. Keep in mind this motto. “Killer not Filler”. Enjoy!

Get Free Legal Music For Your Website

Want to start a music website with free downloads but don’t know where to look for free and legal sources of mp3 files? This article shows you how.

Finding free legal material for adding to your own website is a legal landmine, especially if you use social networking sites to source your material as some of the artists on these sites are using illegal samples and releasing unlicensed cover versions to the public. But, one place that is overlooked for free music.

If your starting a music website or want free and legal music to host on your site then there are places that you can go to where you can download free and legal music which you can also use on your own website called Netlabels. Netlabels are growing in numbers now that sales of music are dipping and more and more big name artists are choosing to give away FULL albums. Some of these Netlabels are releasing very professional material, some of which i’m surprised has never been signed to major labels.

What is so special about these netlabels is that they also allow you to host the music you download from these sites on your own server and distribute freely. There are obviously conditions attached and usually can be found on the page that distributes the download in the form of a “Creative Commons” license. This is a license that can be created using the Creative Commons website and there are different types of licenses so its best to read the license given before adding any of the music to your own website.

Finding netlabels may need a bit of research, but one way of doing it may be to do a search on Google. For example the search term “dance music netlabel” throws up quite a few results on the first page, one of those being my own. You could try using that term or changing it to the music genre that you want to host. There are also music directories that list netlabels that you might want to try searching.

One thing you should never do without the permission of the website owners is to link to the file on the netlabels servers, this uses up their own bandwidth and most netlabels run as a non-profit organisation.

Now that you are armed with this info, getting free music for your website could not be easier.