Royalty Free Music – Things You Need to Know!

Royalty Free Music-what is it?

The term “Royalty Free Music” can be very confusing and essentially means that the music is free from paying additional royalties per usage. It does not mean that the music is free.

The user purchases the music for a single fee which allows them to use the music within the conditions of the particular license. It is important to read through the licensing conditions of each royalty free music company as each company license is different.

Can I Find Famous Tracks, Royalty Free?

Many people search the Internet for royalty free versions of famous chart songs or TV/ Film themes but they just don’t exist. You certainly can license famous music tracks but it can be costly and time consuming.

Is Royalty Free Music Good Quality?

In the past, stock music libraries have suffered from a reputation of sounding somewhat cheap but that’s not necessarily so anymore. Some libraries now contain stunning music.

You should be able to hear the sound quality of the tracks that you will download. Make sure that the recording quality is crystal clear and that MP3s are not compressed too much as this will reduce the clarity and punch of your track. Also watch out for dated midi sounds and “tinny” synthesizers.

Is it possible to preview the entire track before buying it?

Some libraries allow you to do this and others don’t. Usually an audio watermark will be used, which is a voice recorded over the top of the track. Other libraries, including allows members to download high quality MP3 versions, without watermarks, if they email a request for a particular track.

What’s a Cue Sheet and Do I need to Fill One in?

A cue sheet is a list of the music used in a television program or motion picture which includes information regarding the title, composer, publisher, timing and type of usage.

You only need a cue sheet if your production is to be broadcast and this incurrs no cost to the producer.

Can I Find Free Royalty Free Music?

Yes you can. Usually given away for use in non-profit productions, some royalty free music libraries allow you to download completely free material. Smartassmusic has a free royalty free music section where you may download tracks and loops completely free of charge.

Royalty free music or “Stock music” is a very convenient way to access good quality music quickly and legally.

Time spend investigating royalty free music libraries is sure to provide you with some musical gems and at good prices too.

Music Download Websites

Many people think that the days of downloading unlimited music online are over. But that’s not actually the case. The truth is you can still download unlimited music if you go to the right music download websites. Some people thought that the death of Napster and similar music sharing services means that your only choice for downloading music now is expensive pay sites like iTunes but you can still get music for free if you go to the right places.

Now that you know this, why would you spend 99 cents per song to download at iTunes when you can easily join a music download site that will give you literally unlimited downloads for just a one time fee. When you click on the music download websites link in the resource below you will find the best sites for unlimited downloads. With these sites you do not have to pay per download, instead you just pay a one time fee to join and then you get the information you need to be able to download all of the albums that you want in every genre of music imaginable.

When you join these sites you can start downloading all of the music that you want within minutes. In fact you will be downloading the music that you love within minutes from right now. Pretty amazing isn’t it? Obviously websites like iTunes and others that make so much money off of their crazy high prices don’t want you to know about this. That’s understandable, but do you really care about iTunes profits or would you rather download all of the music you want for just a one time sign up fee?

Where To Go To Download That Free MP3 Song

Music lovers! MP3 song collectors! Wondering where to find a free copy of that favorite song? If you’re reading this, chances are good you’re already online.. why not check the Internet for some free MP3 songs?

Below are a few websites where you can download free MP3 songs and albums. – Free MP3 Song

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In our opinion, FindAnyMusic deserves their claim as the #1 replacement for Napster’s software. To start downloading your favorite free MP3 songs, all you need to do is sign up with the site and install their special music software. Once you’ve installed the software, you’ll have full and immediate access to over a billion free MP3 songs and music files online. Best of all, FindAnyMusic’s software allows you to burn your downloaded free MP3 songs and create your own CDs. All you need are some blank CDs and a CD burner.

Unfortunately, we’ve only space enough to suggest a few of the top free MP3 song websites and there are certainly many more sites out there that also offer free MP3 songs for download, streaming, or sampling. A search of Google, Yahoo, or the MSN search engines for “free MP3 song” should provide you with just what you’re looking for!