The Nokia 5800 Comes With Music

The Nokia 5800 Comes with Music is a stylish and functional phone in the same mould as many supplied by Nokia. However, this phone has an innovative element to it that is setting it apart from many others and has made the phone one of the most talked about for some time. This element has nothing to do with the phone itself, but has more to do with the fact that it comes with free unlimited music downloads.

Nokia have always had the knack for providing an innovative concept that gets people talking and with this phone it’s proven to be a major talking point. With people looking at making their money go further and the costs of downloading music being, for many, an unwanted additional cost every time they want the current or one of their favourite songs downloaded, Nokia have come up with free unlimited downloads as the solution. This is against the current trend, which is to charge for downloads and has received mixed reviews. Other suppliers consider it as not a particularly good thing, where as consumers have welcomed the offer, which is probably understandable.

The phone itself comes with an MP3 player, as you would expect, which accepts all the major audio file formats including MP3, WMA, WAV and eAAC+. An FM stereo radio provides additional means of listening to music or local and national radio stations. The phone also provides blue tooth, which is version 2.0 with A2DP as well as microUSB, version 2 for additional connectivity to other blue tooth enabled devices or synchronisation of file to a PC respectively. Internet access is provided via HSDPA and Wi-Fi which provides the means to access the net whilst in public hotspots. Navigational support is provided with the always useful GPS with A-GPS support and Nokia maps, which are considered one of the best navigation systems included within a phone.

The phone comes with an impressive TFT resistive touch screen which displays up to 16 million colours at a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels this ensures effective colour representation of images. There is also proximity and accelerometer sensors included which enables auto shut off and the means to alter the rotational aspect of images, so they can be seen in the right context. The phone would not be complete without a camera, and this phone provides a useful 3.15 mega pixel camera which uses Carl Zeiss optics and provides auto focus and LED flash.

The Nokia 5800 Comes with Music provides a unique selling point, its unlimited downloads. This phone is an accomplished phone with all the right functions and looks to make it an appealing phone, but what sets this phone apart is the fact that music can be downloaded free of charge as many times as the owner wishes, meaning no more additional costs for downloads. Now that’s a smart move by Nokia.

Free Legal Music Downloads – Should They Be DRM Free Too?

It’s what everybody’s after; free, legal music downloads. In many cases it’s not only the fact that people want free downloads, it’s that they want their music to be unencumbered by DRM restrictions. Once they’ve downloaded their music, people want the ability to transport it to as many of their playback devices as they wish. The typical downloader today has a laptop, at least one desktop machine, a portable MP3 player, and possible an MP3 / WMA enabled head unit in their vehicle(s). Most consumers would like to be able to burn their music onto a CD for archival or playback on other devices that don’t support any of the download formats, like a traditional CD player.

The requirements of DRM that limited them from being able to freely use their music in any or all of these devices was a prime consideration in their desire to obtain free, legal music downloads. It’s typically not all about the money. There’s more in play when it comes to downloads. After all, consumers have shown time and again they are more than willing to pay a fair price for a product or service if it meets their needs and expectations.

A 2005 survey of European Internet consumers by the Indicare Project revealed that 40% listened to music on MP3 players and 69% listened to music on their computers, but many were confused by DRM restrictions. Most surveyed expected to be able to transfer and burn their music downloads, and were “confused and annoyed” when unable to. With the rising popularity of not only music downloads, but the increasing popularity of video and movie downloads, this problem is likely to grow worse.

The recent announcement that and EMI that they would be releasing legal music downloads with no DRM restrictions seems to bear out the fact that such restrictions are actually of dubious benefit to the recording and movie industries, despite vicious prosecution of many downloaders by industry associations such as the RIAA. In fact EMI is the 4th largest record label group in the world, and you can be sure they have studied the DRM / downloading issue ad nausem.

The reality of the situation is that consumers want to be able to do with their downloads as they please, especially if they’ve paid for them, and the restrictions posed by DRM are actually hurting the industry. Unless it can be shown that a substantial percentage of those who availed themselves of free music downloads would have actually purchased similar content had they not downloaded the music some other way, the music industry will suffer by continuing to impose such restrictions. Actually the number of people who avoid DRM encumbered, legal downloads altogether due to portability issues will continue to contribute to the decline in music sales, when music downloads should be creating a much larger revenue stream for the recording industry and the artists.

Download Unlimited Songs Online – The Benefits

There are great offers online, when it comes to being able to download unlimited songs online. You can quite easily find plenty of songs online, including the ones you love. Store-bought CDs and DVDs are slowly phased out.

Let’s take a look at some of the many reasons why the chances to download unlimited songs online give you much better options at a far better price.

1. CDs are quite expensive. Why should you have to pay so much when you can get the same songs, with quality that is just as good, for much better prices online? You can even download for free, but there are no guarantees that the free download sites will give you good quality and uncorrupted files. But if you are ready to pay just a small amount, you can rest assured that you will get safe files.

2. How often do you like all the songs in an album? Usually, you fall in love with one of the songs. Before opportunities to download unlimited songs online appeared, you would have had to buy the whole album to listen to that one song you liked. But now, you can make sure that your personal compilation has each and every song you love.

3. Isn’t it a pain to have to go to the store and search and search to find that one song that you have stuck in your head, but nobody else seems to have heard of? Well, if you download unlimited songs online, you can browse through songs and search for that elusive track from the comfort of your home, in your own sweet time.

4. There is no one way in which you have to download music. Whether you want to listen to your favorite songs on your iPod, iPhone, Zune or even a traditional player, you will be able to find the right format. If for some reason you can’t find the format you want, you can find plenty of programs that can convert the song into a desirable format.

5. There are many sites that let you download unlimited songs online. Most of them have huge databases that include not only the latest releases – which is how music shops away from the virtual world operate – but also rare and old songs. Even if you want music from different countries and different times, you will find them.

6. Most of the CDs and DVDs you buy from a store cannot be ripped, so you can’t store them directly on your computer. But CDs and the like get scratches no matter how careful you are with them. If they become damaged, there is no way of retrieving the songs you paid good money for, unlike with your computer.

There you have it, then – take the opportunity to get the songs you like and download unlimited songs online. Take a look at where everyone is going for the most recent hits through my entertainment blog.